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Oh yeah nvm.. I am not very smart..
server is still cracked. [link]
ah never mind the server isnt for cracked anymore like it uses to be...
if i press the link the ip doesnt show... tried it with chrome and safari..
what's the problem ?
You do not have access to shout
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FrozenIceFlake Owner[link]
Thank you staff!
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ItzZShadowzZz Admin  much luvzz and again happy bday <3
FrozenIceFlake Owner[link]

Update : Minigames are almost ready to launch!
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ItzZShadowzZz Admin  oooohyeah!!
kliklink   Nice
FrozenIceFlake OwnerWhat could this be :o
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meroero   waw idk :emw:
gogokai   capture the flag
gogokai   ore dwarfsvszobie
FrozenIceFlake OwnerVote on our pol to keep or get a new survival map!
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King_JackD co-owner  Will al the players keep their inventories/enderchest content? or wil they lose EVERYTHING D: ?
FrozenIceFlake Owner
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FrozenIceFlake OwnerOmdat het 2014 is heeft iedereen een unban :).
Welcome back.
Vergeet niet ons IP is [link] GEEN PORT.

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coolkip   thx rens das vriedelijk voor de baned peapel
kliklink   (Bijna) Iedereen verdient een tweede kans!
FrozenIceFlake OwnerDont forget to vote!

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ct194 AdminWe've added a new smiley: :emw:
Have fun!
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Xloliboy1X   Nice :emw:
FrozenIceFlake OwnerNew site layout ;3

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FrozenIceFlake OwnerMerry Christmas ;D
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legitlifter   Merry Christmas to you and all your family :d
Heinzi2   merrry xmas :3
lagger2   why am i not builder+
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